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Actors play parts in video, motion picture, stage, television, and radio productions for informational purposes, instruction, or entertainment. They may interpret a comic or serious role through the use of body movements, speech, and gestures to inform or entertain the audience. Some may even be adept at singing and dancing.

Actors spend a considerable amount of time studying and rehearsing roles form scripts in order to memorize lines, learn stunts, and interpret cues as directed. They work with other actors, directors, and screenwriters to find the interpretation that works best with their role. They also learn about their character in the script and in their relationships with other characters in order to better interpret and develop the role.

Actors typically collaborate with other actors as part of a team or ensemble cast. They perform both serious and humorous interpretations of situations, emotions, and actions through the use of gestures, tone, body movements, and facial expressions. They also need to attend auditions and casting calls in order audition for roles and obtain parts in productions.

Actors work with crewmembers that are responsible for costumes, props, lighting, and makeup. They also sing and dance during performances. Actors also need to have good reading skills in order to read from books or scripts to narrate action or to entertain audiences. This field is expecting to see average growth within the next several years with an anticipated 20,800 job openings through 2018.

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