Agriculture Degree Job Opportunities

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in Agriculture

The field of agriculture is especially well-suited for individuals that enjoy manual labor and the outdoors. A degree in agriculture can also prepare a person for a management position in one of many agricultural disciplines.

Agriculture Degree Programs

Individuals that work in the field of agriculture are becoming increasingly reliant upon technology, and coursework in the field of agriculture will help a person keep up with the advances in this area. There are other topics like animal and soil care that have stayed relatively constant, but pursuing a higher education in agriculture will help people to understand the business of running a farm or ranching operation.

Farmer Job Opportunities for Agriculture Degree Graduates

Farmers may choose to raise animals and livestock or they can grow crops. Many farmers choose to raise both in order to feed the animals that they keep. A number of farms are owned by families, but some are owned by corporations. Farmers perform crop production duties that include harvesting, planning, fertilizing, cultivating, spraying, and tilling. They may need to maintain facilities, including wind shelters, fencing, outdoor housing, and water supplies. Additionally, farmers may choose to own their own land or cultivate the land of someone else. Farmers are responsible for a number of activities that include, but are not limited to:

  • Planting crops
  • Fertilizing crops
  • Feeding animals
  • Harvesting animals or animal byproducts (ex. Milk, eggs)
  • Keeping financial records

The salary for farmers will vary, but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the median annual salary in 2009 was just over $32,000.

Crop or Vineyard Manager Job Opportunities for Agriculture Degree Graduates

Crop managers focus primarily on plants, and they are also responsible for business operations such as record keeping, recruitment, and payroll. They are also required to work with other departments and spend a lot of their time working outdoors. Vineyard managers focus their attention on grapes specifically, and they must also have a thorough knowledge of wine and the wine making process. Vineyard managers identify problems with plants and crops including diseases and insect pests, and they may also evaluate plant and soil conditions. The salary for these professionals will be higher than that of a farmer, and the median annual salary in 2009 was $59,450.

Range Manager Job Opportunities for Agriculture Degree Graduates

Range managers focus on the protection of natural areas, some of which are used as outdoor recreational spots. They are responsible for preventing soil erosion, maintaining resources, and soil stability. In this area much of the work is done outside, as well, but there are considerable administrative duties required too. Many range managers are employed by the government, meaning a degree in agriculture would be especially helpful in obtaining one of these positions. Although this career field is expected to grow in the near future, its growth is expected to be slower than most other occupational categories.

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