Animal Health Sciences Degree Job Opportunities

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in Animal Health Sciences

A person that loves animals and would like to make their career about working with them may be interested in pursuing a job in animal health science. A degree in this field may also help a person to further their career as an animal researcher, veterinary technician, or animal control officer.

Animal Health Science Degree Programs

A person that is pursuing animal health sciences will need to develop a thorough background in natural health sciences, nutrition, biology, genetic engineering, research, and cellular biology. A degree within the animal health science field will prepare a person for a career working with animals.

Animal Researcher Job Opportunities for Animal Health Science Degree Graduates

Animal researchers develop scientific knowledge of animals, animal behaviors, and their biology and physiology. They can choose to work at research firms or universities and can specialize in:

  • Zoology
  • Agriculture
  • Animal Science

Animal researchers may research and control animal selection and breeding practices to increase animal quality, and they may also develop improved practices in sanitation, feeding, housing, or disease control. Most researches are required to have a doctorate degree and may undertake teaching responsibilities. Some other jobs may only require a baccalaureate degree in animal science. Job growth in the field of animal research is expected to grow at an average pace, and the median annual salary for an animal researcher in 2009 was $56,960.

Veterinary Technician Job Opportunities for Animal Health Science Degree Graduates

Veterinary technicians work with veterinarians and assist with animal care and examinations. They prepare for procedures, monitor vital signs, clean equipment, and educate pet owners on proper care requirements. Veterinary technicians fill prescriptions, label containers, and measure medications. They may also need to administer emergency first aid and perform lifesaving procedures on animals. Veterinary technicians are required to have completed at least an Associate’s degree in most states, and additional certification or training may be required. The median annual salary for a veterinary technician or technologist in 2009 was $29,280.

Animal Control Job Opportunities for Animal Health Science Degree Graduates

Although there many responsible pet owners in the world, there are also people that feel it is okay to abandon, neglect, or abuse their animals. Animals many also present a dangerous situation to the public, whether they are domesticated or wild. Animal control officers are employed to investigate cases of abuse or neglect, capture animals that are escaped or dangerous, and educate the public about proper animal care and safety. These workers remove captured animals and place them into shelter cages. They may need to euthanize rabid animals that present a danger to society in order to keep the public safe. These professionals substantially contribute to the well-being of animals and the safety of their community. This career field is expected to grow through 2014, and the median annual salary for an animal control officer in 2009 was $31,550.

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