Animal Science Degree Job Opportunities

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in Animal Science

A person that loves animals and would like to make their career about working with them may be interested in pursuing a job in animal science. Many professionals in this area will also benefit from pursuing a degree in the animal science field.

Animal Science Degree Programs

Animal scientists are required to understand and apply the social, physical, and biological principles of domestic animals. There are over 500 jobs within the animal science field, most of which require some sort of continuing education course work. According to the American Society of Animal Science, programs in animal science focus on the study of the following:

  • Nutrition
  • Genetics
  • Physiology
  • Animal behavior
  • Animal welfare
  • Sustainable systems management

Farm Manager Job Opportunities for Animal Science Degree Graduates

Farm managers are responsible for both animal and crop care and finances. Because of the business knowledge needed for this career, a degree is often required. Farm managers often work as livestock managers and are responsible for breeding and transportation management as well as the day to day care of animals. Farm managers also work closely with property owners to develop long term plans on farmer productivity. Farm managers direct the operations of farms, often specializing in one area, such as finances or animal care. Although agricultural employment has been declining, it is expected that the need for farm managers will continue to grow, and the median annual salary for farm managers in 2009 was $59,450.

Animal Scientist Job Opportunities for Animal Science Degree Graduates

Animal scientists are concerned about the genetics, nutrition, and breeding of domesticated livestock or pets. They may crossbreed animals to get livestock that are higher producers or have a lower fat content. They may also be interested in determining better health standards, controlling parasites, and improving sanitation for the overall health of the animals. The occupational outlook for animal scientists is expected to grow at an average pace through 2014, and the median annual salary in 2009 was $56,960.

Veterinarian Job Opportunities for Animal Science Degree Graduates

Veterinarians are highly respected medical professionals that serve as doctors for animals. These animals may range from small household pets to wild and dangerous animals living in zoos. Some responsibilities completed by veterinarians include:

  • Diagnosing diseases
  • Providing medications to animals
  • Educating owners about proper animal care
  • Treating wounds
  • Vaccinating animals
  • Conducting examinations
  • Running tests and blood work

Veterinarians need to hold a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree, which typically will take a student four years to complete after finishing their Bachelor’s degree. The median annual salary for a veterinarian in 2009 was $80,510.

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