Applied Electrical Technology Job Opportunities

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in Applied Electrical Technology

Applied electrical technology degrees can prepare students for careers in industrial, commercial, and residential environments. They help students to develop technical and fundamental electrical skills through hands-on learning techniques, and these programs typically do not require general education requirements. Students will learn to design electrical systems, wire systems, and a number of other electrical tasks.

Some programs offer applied electrical technology certificates, while other schools will offer two year associate level degrees. Students will need to learn about electrical safety before they can practice the skills that they learn, and they should also examine the National Electric Code. Practical applications are also important in this program, and instructors will supervise students while they put to use the skills that they learn in the classroom in real-life situations. Prior to graduating, students may also choose to pursue an internship within the electrician career field.

Applied electrical technology degree programs also require students to pas a national licensing exam for electricians once they complete their degree or certificate. This will vary by state, but must exams will cover topics including:

  • Electrical theory
  • National Electric Code
  • Electrical codes
  • Building codes

Students may choose to pursue a job in electrical repair, installation, or maintenance once they have completed this career, and job titles can include appliance repair technician, electrical technician, or electrician’s assistant. The person’s area of expertise will determine their salary, and some positions and their median annual salaries are listed below:

  • Electrician: $47,180
  • Electrician helper: $26,760
  • Electric motor repairer: $36,280

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