Architect and Draftsman Job Opportunities

Find Career and Employment Opportunities for Architects and Draftsmen

Architects and draftsmen work on construction projects, and although they have similar roles, they are also different in many ways.

Architects and Draftsmen Degree Programs

Individuals wishing to find employment as architects will need to complete at least a bachelor’s degree, and coursework will need to be completed in the following areas:

  • CADD
  • Construction methods
  • Math
  • Technology
  • History of architecture

Most architects in the U.S. need to be licensed by passing the Architect Registration Examination, and continuing education courses must also be taken after licensure. Draftsmen are not required to complete any college training, but most employers prefer it.

Architect Job Opportunities for Architects and Draftsmen Degree Graduates

Architects both build and design a number of different structures, such as homes, schools, churches, and other buildings. They are responsible for making sure these structures look nice as well as being safe, economical, and functional. Architects also see projects through from the initial idea to the finished project. Architects administer construction contracts and conduct periodic on-site observation of work. They may also look for new opportunities through the use of presentations, marketing, or written proposals.

Architects utilize computer aided design and drafting tools as well as other computer software to draw construction models. The must also know about creating handicap-accessible designs and about zoning ordinances and laws. The median annual salary for an architect in 2009 was just over $72,000.

Draftsmen Job Opportunities for Architects and Draftsmen Degree Graduates

Draftsmen or drafters prepare CADD drawings like architects, but they can also work in other areas lich mechanical or electrical designs. Draftsmen use technical handbooks, tables, and calculators to construct these designs and must have a thorough understanding of technical details. Draftsmen that choose to work in construction projects may specialize in a type of building or property or a type of material, such as concrete or steel. Civil drafters will also construct drawings for highways, sewage systems, and bridges.

The median annual salary for a draftsman in 2009 was $45,600. Similarly, electrical drafters earned a median annual salary of $52,080 in the same year.

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