Bachelor Degree Program Job Opportunities

Find Career and Employment Opportunities for Bachelor Degree Graduates

Bachelor’s degrees are typically completed in four years in colleges and universities, and students are able to choose from a variety of majors and fields of study. Individuals that complete a bachelor’s degree can pursue a variety of career options, including work as a social worker, landscape architect, and dietician.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Bachelor’s degree programs are undergraduate degrees that are completed in universities and colleges. They can be completed as Bachelor of Science, Bachelors of Arts, and other degrees. Most schools offer a variety of majors and disciplines for students to gain specialized study experience, but some will also allow for a General Studies major. Some careers that a bachelor’s degree holder may choose to pursue include work as a dietician, social worker, or landscape architect.

Social Worker Job Opportunities for Bachelor’s Degree Graduates

Social workers provide social services and assistance to their clients in order to improve the social and psychological functioning of children and families. They may work to maximize well-being of families and the academic functioning of children. Those that work in schools or with families and children may arrange for adoptions, assist single parents, and find foster home placements. In schools, they can address teen pregnancy problems, truancy, and other delinquent behaviors, and they may also advise teachers on how to appropriately deal with children with unique needs and problems. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a social worker in 2009 was $39,960, or $19.21 per hour. Job growth through 2018 in this area is expected to be average at 7-13%, equaling 109,600 projected job openings.

Landscape Architect Job Opportunities for Bachelor’s Degree Graduates

Landscape architects are required to complete at least a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture of a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture degree. Some of the fundamental courses completed in these programs include:

  • Geology
  • Site design
  • Soil science
  • Plant science
  • Landscape design and construction
  • Surveying

A Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) degree is also highly desirable and will take students three years to finish. However, students that pursue an undergraduate degree in landscape architecture may complete this program in as little as two years. Furthermore, almost every state requires a landscape architect to be certified by passing an exam with the Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Board.

Landscape architects work closely with engineers to come up with the best possible layout for their designs, and this requires budgeting the project to utilize available funds. CAD drafting and geographic information systems are also utilized for both large and small projects, and these architects will also need to consider regulations at the local, state, and federal level. Landscape architects coordinate arrangements of existing and proposed structures and land features. They prepare graphic representations, site plans, and specifications for land development and look at features like drainage, environment, and location. It is predicted that this career field will increase by up to 20% through 2018, and the median annual salary for a landscape architect in 2009 was $60,560.

Dietician Job Opportunities for Bachelor’s Degree Graduates

Dietitians conduct and plan food service or nutritional programs to assist in the promotion of health. They counsel clients and groups on basic rules of healthy eating and good nutrition. They also assess nutritional needs and diet restrictions and advise families on diet modifications and food selection. They consult with physicians and health care personnel to determine nutritional needs and develop manuals, visual aides, and other teaching materials. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a dietician in 2009 was $52,150 or $25.07 per hour. The projected growth in this field is average with an anticipated 26,000 job openings through 2018.