Building Inspection Job Opportunities

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in Building Inspection

Building inspection degrees ensure that construction projects follow government and safety laws. Individuals that have completed this degree program will be prepared to work as a cost estimator, building inspector, or government property inspector.

Building Inspection Degree Programs

Degree programs in building inspection teach students about safety requirements that are needed in buildings. They may discuss government and occupational health regulations as well as looking for specific hazards. They may inspect for stability during natural disasters like earthquakes or tornados, and they can also look for fire prevention techniques. They need to address code violations and ensure that they are corrected. Students that pursue this career field will be prepared to work as a government property inspector, cost estimator, or building inspector.

Government Property Inspector Job Opportunities for Building Inspection Degree Graduates

Government property inspectors prepare correspondence, reports of inspections, and recommendations for action when ensuring that government properties are complying with agreements and regulations. They may examine records to establish facts of monitor investigations. These inspectors may inspect processed products, coordinate with law enforcement, and testify in court. Investigative applications for special permits are conducted and permit violations are looked at, as well. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a government property inspector in 2009 was $49,750 or $23.92 per hour. Projected growth in this field is much faster than average at 20% or higher through 2018, and that can include over 100,000 job openings.

Building Inspector Job Opportunities for Building Inspection Degree Graduates

Individuals that work as building inspectors typically work for government organizations or contractors. They are responsible for making sure that construction projects adhere to local ordinances and regulations regarding safety and fire codes. Fire safety is extremely important, so inspects or concerned with electrical and lighting systems. They also want ot make sure that structures will hold up to natural disasters. The knowledge that construction engineering technology degrees provide building inspectors gives them a distinct advantage over competition when applying for jobs. It is expected that this career field will grow quickly with the next several years, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics identified the median annual salary in 2009 as $51,500.

Cost Estimator Job Opportunities for Building Inspection Degree Graduates

Individuals that are employed as cost estimators determine the price a business project will run for. This is important in order for business owners and engineers to manage budgets and forecast needs. The employment area for these professionals is expected to be good throughout the next several years and can be expected to grow faster than the average career field. Individuals with the best chances of gaining employment in this area are those that have completed at least a bachelor’s degree. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a cost estimator in 2009 was $57,300.

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