Career Planning Resources for College Students

How They Can Help Your Job Search

Finding a new job can be difficult, especially for a recent college graduate. Therefore, many people choose to utilize career resources to help with their job search. Some of the most popular career resources are discussed at length below.

Campus Career Center

Most colleges and universities have a campus career center with job counselors in order for students to talk to. These centers many have career handbooks or they can allow you to take career aptitude tests to determine what you strengths and interests are. These resources will help you to learn about different career options and whether or not they are right for you. A career counselor may be able to help you move in the right direction and reveal resources you had not thought about previously. Many campuses also allow their career center to be utilized by alumni and graduates of their institution.

Online Resources

Job advertisements found online can be extremely helpful for individuals who are looking for a job. Other sites can discuss occupational outlook, starting salary, and the educational requirements needed for certain types of jobs. You can also find helpful information on writing a good resume and what to expect in the career that interests you.

Job Fairs

Many colleges and universities offer job fairs for upcoming graduates to get an idea of what opportunities are available in the area. Students can talk to hiring representatives about the kinds of jobs available, and they may even be able to set up an interview. Some communities even have career fairs at a public location in order to bring together a number of companies that are hiring. These career fairs can also expose you to job ideas and opportunities that you had not previously considered.

Job Centers

Some states and communities have job centers that residents can access, like the Wisconsin Job Center. These centers can help you to find opportunities in your area and to develop a plan to get a job. They may offer training to learn new skills or workshops on how to write a stellar resume. You may even be able to practice interviewing and can learn tips from professionals that are experienced in hiring to better understand what they are looking for in an interviewee.

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