Case Management Certification for Nurses

Case Management Training Programs for Nurses

Nursing is a very knowledge-based career field that is constantly changing with the advancements of new medicines and technology. Nurses who want to work in patient care management may be required to complete a program in case management in order to ensure they have all the necessary skills needed to perform this duty successfully.

Nursing Case Management Training

Programs in nursing case management teach students how to coordinate treatment plans for patients and teach nurses how to become case managers. Programs may be completed at the certificate level, while students pursuing a Master’s degree in nursing may also be able to specialize in nursing case management.

Certificate Programs in Nursing Case Management

Certificate programs in nursing care management teach students about the financial aspects of case management as well as ethics. Some of these programs may be offered online in addition to traditional courses on college and university campuses. Case studies are often used during these courses to help students to apply classroom principles to real world situations, and these programs often prepare nurses to take the Certified Case Manager (CCM) certification exam.

Seminars in Nursing Case Management

Seminars on case management may also be available to nurses that want to learn more about a specialization in this area. Skills that may be taught in a seminar include:

  • Interviewing techniques
  • Ethics
  • Best practices
  • Organizational techniques
  • Case management for specialty patients

Master’s Degree Programs in Nursing Case Management

Students may choose to pursue a Master’s degree in nursing and choose a concentration in case management. These programs teach nurses how to provide quality case management and nursing skills in order to provide excellent care in a variety of situations and settings.

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