Cisco Certification Job Opportunities

Find Career and Employment Opportunities for a Cisco Certification

Cisco certification degrees teach students how to use the Cisco system. Individuals that wish to pursue a career with computers may benefit from this program, as it can enhance a candidates knowledge and credibility within the business world. By pursuing this type of degree program, students will be prepared to find a career as a computer security specialist, telecommunications network engineer, or network design engineer.

Cisco Certification Degree Programs

Cisco Systems, Inc produces, sells, and markets computer devises for a number of technology companies, which can include:

  • Home networking products
  • Ethernet switches
  • Network security devices
  • Branch office routers

Cisco provides a number of opportunities to obtain certification for their products for individuals that work within the computer industry. Some of these include:

  • Cisco Certified Voice Professional
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional
  • Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert
  • Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate
  • Cisco Certified Design Associate
  • Cisco Certified Security Professional
  • Cisco Certified Design Professional

Individuals that have completed a Cisco certification degree program can be prepared to pursue a career as a network design engineer, telecommunications network engineer, or computer security specialist.

Network Design Engineer Job Opportunities for Cisco Certification Degree Graduates

A Network design engineer is responsible for working with networks, installing networks, and designing routers and switches. They will upgrade systems and focus on constantly proving security measures. They may also work to increase bandwidth and maximize system performance. By pursuing this career field, individuals will see considerable growth in the number of job opportunities available for them, since companies are becoming increasingly reliant upon information technology and their computer systems to perform their work effectively.

Telecommunications Network Engineer Job Opportunities for Cisco Certification Degree Graduates

A telecommunications network engineer is responsible for working within an organization’s infrastructure to make its telecommunications network work properly. These individuals will work with cable, IP multicast routing, and frame relays frequently. These professionals consult with users and administrators to identify business and technical requirements for proposed system modifications or technology purchases. They also document procedures for hardware and software installation and use. A Cisco certification will allow a telecommunications network engineer to obtain a good paying job with a wealth of job opportunities available to them in the future.

Computer Security Specialists Job Opportunities for Cisco Certification Degree Graduates

Individuals that work as computer security specialists are responsible for keeping their organization’s information and systems secure from theft, spying, or any other type of outside interference. There are a number of Cisco certifications available to teach a student these skills, and by pursuing this career field an individual will have a high earning potential and a number of job opportunities available to them. Computer security specialists perform risk assessments and execute tests of data processing systems. They also modify computer security files to incorporate new software, correct errors, and chance individual access status. Computer security specialists must also be up to date on the legal aspects of systems security in order to identify possible crimes to report to management and possibly law enforcement. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts this field will have faster than average job growth within the next several years, and median annual salaries will start at $35,000.

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