College Preparation Tips for High School Students

How to Prepare for College as a High School Student

College preparation is often a stressful time for students, so it is important that you don’t wait until the last minute of your senior year to get to work. If college is important to you, start planning out your high school career in order to set yourself up for success. Colleges are looking for students that are well-rounded, so in addition to high academic performance, they will also be evaluating extracurricular activities and community service. Listed below are some tips on what you can do during each year of your high school career to get started in the college of your choice.

College Prep Tips for High School Freshmen

  • Find an extracurricular activity
  • Talk to your school counselor about college admission requirements
  • Look over AP or college prep courses

College Prep Tips for High School Sophomores

  • Get involved in the community
  • Take the PSAT to find out where your week areas are for the SAT
  • Research colleges online
  • Go to a college or university fair or outreach event

College Prep Tips for High School Juniors

  • Take College Board Advanced Placement (AP) courses
  • Take AP tests for your AP courses
  • Decide what type of school that you wish to attend: private, public, large, small
  • Visit some campuses
  • Look at your finances and financial aid options
  • Take the ACT or SAT and retake them if necessary
  • Talk to your school counselor to ensure you are on the right path with college admission requirements

College Prep Tips for High School Seniors

  • Fill out your college admissions applications
  • Apply for scholarships
  • Complete the FAFSA
  • Visit college campuses
  • Discuss your choice with your parents and family members

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