Colorado High School Diploma Programs

Earn a High School Diploma in Colorado

The state of Colorado is known for having a high graduation rate within the country. The beautiful scenery and outdoor activities in the area, coupled with the education system, make the state a great place to live or relocate. The information below will give you an idea of what high school education in Colorado looks like.

High School Information in Colorado

Colorado’s Department of Education has a pupil to teacher ratio of 16.9, making it the 11th best state in the U.S. Over 88% of high school students obtain their high school diploma, and over 33% of Colorado residents go on to complete a Bachelor’s degree. The state has also made great strides to increase achievement levels by giving students the chance to complete comprehensive educational programs.

High School Graduation Requirements in Colorado

Colorado’s high school graduation requirements are determined by local boards rather than the state. The exception is that all students must take .5 credits of U.S. and Colorado government and history. Typically students will need to take a certain number of courses in social studies, science, mathematics, and language arts. Some students may choose to pursue coursework in the fine arts, foreign languages, and technical sciences.

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