Communication Tips for Job Interviews

How to Improve Your Written and Oral Communication Skills

One of the most important skills interviewers will look for during your job interview is good communication skills. They want an employee that will represent their organization well, and the best type of person to do that is someone that can explain their ideas or products well in a clear and concise manner. Hiring managers will also look at non-verbal communication manners like language use, body language, dress, posture, and attitude, so it is important to focus on these details in addition to what you are saying. A couple of steps to improve your communication skills are discussed below, and they include organization and working on your oral communication.

Get Organized

A cluttered workplace can create a lot of unneeded stress. Try and organize your workspace to get control over what you need to do. If you are organized you will be better prepared to get your work done and accomplish the goals you need to. Once you complete your tasks you will feel better about your work and your ability to do well in your job.

Oral Communication

In regards to speech communication, pronunciation, vocabulary, and tone of voice are extremely important. Getting your message across to your listener is extremely important, and this is especially important in the work force or in talking to a hiring manager during a job interview. A few tips to keep in mind are listed below:

  • Speak clearly
  • Keep your answers under 1 minute in length
  • Be specific and not vague
  • Keep the conversation going
  • Speak with enthusiasm and conviction

Speak Your Mind