Continuing Education for Barbers

Continuing Education Units (CEU), Courses, and Credits for Barbers

Barbers often take continuing education courses to ensure that they are up to date on their skills and knowledge of the hair care world. These courses are extremely important in order to be successful within the career of barbering.

Continuing Education for Barbers

Continuing education courses for barbers can be completed after an individual receives their license in cosmetology or barbering. It allows them to develop advanced and new skills kin hair styling, cutting, products, and other aspects. Some barbers are required to take these courses each year in order to retain their licenses, and they help barbers in maintaining their skill level. Even barbers that are not legally required to take these courses are often encouraged to do so.

Continuing Education Courses for Barbers

There are many continuing education courses available for barbers. Some of the possibilities include:

  • Techniques in hair coloring
  • Hair cutting techniques
  • Computerizing your salon
  • Blood borne pathogens
  • Cleansing and disinfecting tools
  • Code of ethics and principles of professional conduct

Students will want to ensure that the courses they wish to take are certified to count in the state in which they hold their licensure. Different courses are worth different amounts of continuing education credits, and this usually depends on the amount of class time that a student needs to spend on the course.

Where to Find Continuing Education Courses for Barbers

Continuing education courses can be found in a variety of places, such as community colleges, technical schools, or cosmetology schools. It is often helpful to contact the institution in which you originally completed your program to find out where the nearest continuing education courses are located. Some programs also offer continuing education courses online, but again, a student will want to check out whether or not these courses fit within their state’s requirements before paying for them and possibly wasting their time on a course that will not actually count.

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