Continuing Education for Christian Artists

Continuing Education Courses and Job Opportunities in Christian Art

Christian’s who enjoy art and want to devote their artistic expression to God may wish to further their artistic skills by enrolling in a specialty Christian art class or program. There are a variety of Christian colleges and schools that will offer courses that study arts. There are also schools that allow students to specialize in Christian art, or they can choose to study Christian artists.

Typical Christian Art Courses

Christian art programs will require many of the same art courses that traditional programs make their students take. They include some of the following courses:

  • Ceramics
  • Drawing
  • Printmaking
  • Painting
  • Graphic design

Many faculty members may also belong to Christians in the Visual Arts, which is a Christian art organization. They often enjoy offering Christian-themed seminars and courses in topics such as:

  • Art Education in the Christian School Setting
  • The Sacred and the Profane in Modern Painting
  • The History of Church Architecture

Christian Graphic Design

Graphic design is found in a variety of public spaces, and it is often used to create advertising materials. Christian art programs often provide guidance to students wishing to become graphic designers, and they also emphasize the promotion of spiritual values. These students may go on to designing Christian themed products and clothing.

Christian Art Education

Art education with a Christianity specialty will teach students the appropriate techniques for creating art pieces, and it will also promote Christian values.

History of Christian Art

Art history with a Christianity specialty will exam art as a celebration of God’s creation of the natural world. Students will learn to find and analyze elements of Christianity in works of art, such as paintings, sculptures, and drawings. They will also learn what characteristics make a spiritually uplifting piece of work.

Christian Art Architects

The study of sacred spaces and religious buildings is the focal point of Christian architecture coursework. Individuals wishing to pursue a career as a Christian architect will learn how to use Christian elements to promote a positive workplace and atmosphere within the community.

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