Continuing Education for Fashion Apprentices

Continuing Education Courses and Job Opportunities in Fashion Apprenticeship

Fashion apprenticeships often serve as a jumping off point for a career in the fashion industry. These opportunities are available through school programs and individual designers. New York, L.A., and Chicago are the most common cities for apprentices to work in due to the prevalence of the industry in those cities.

About Fashion Apprenticeships

Apprentices are like interns, and they are best suited for people who have a clearly defined career path. Independent designers, apparel companies, and nonprofit organizations offer these types of apprenticeships. Universities and colleges also include apprenticeship experience as part of their degree programs, and students can get additional information about opportunities through the career services department of their school..

These programs are best suited for college students or recent graduates. They may function as junior designers depending on the individual program and their interests. Apprentices receive hands-on training in the design and production of apparel, and this includes constructing, cutting, and drafting pieces.

Prerequisites for Fashion Apprenticeships

Applicants for fashion apprenticeship programs have found it beneficial to have graduated from a degree program in fashion. Apprentices might want to create a portfolio to demonstrate their creativity and skill level. Employers will look for the individual’s familiarity with design, sketching, textiles, and colors.

Career Outlook for Fashion Apprenticeships

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, fashion designers earned a median annual salary of over $64,000 in 2009. Fashion designers had 22,700 jobs that year, but employment growth is expected to be slow in the near future.

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