Continuing Education for History Buffs

Continuing Education Courses and Job Opportunities in History

Individuals that are interested in studying history either for fun or for a particular class should consider taking a course or seminar. They are offered at colleges, universities, museums, state parks, community colleges, and libraries. Regardless of the student’s interests, they should be able to find a class that fits their needs.

Typical GED History Courses

History knowledge is required within the social studies portion of the GED test. GED prep courses cover everything that a student should have been taught while in a high school history class. This includes U.S. history, World History, Ancient history, and Modern History. Most of these courses are located and offered at community colleges, public libraries, and community centers.

Typical Hobby History Courses

Some history enthusiasts may choose to take a course as a hobby. This may include reenactments, playing war games, or studying particular areas like the Old West, Civil War, and the Middle Ages. There are also groups that play vintage baseball from 1890.0 Many history hobbyists attend classes and seminar where they can learn more about the historical eras that they enjoy, and they can also teach other enthusiast about what they know. Classes of this nature are often located at historical sites, museums, and public libraries.

Typical College History Courses

If a student wishes to take a more in-depth look at history and possible topic areas, a college course or degree program in history may be desirable. These programs can be in U.S. or world history, and the student can sign up for an individual course at a college or university. Students could also choose to complete a series of courses to complete a degree program. Many programs are also available online, and students can pursue their degree from the comfort of their own home. History courses are also available from an Associate to PhD level.

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