Continuing Education for Information Technologists

Continuing Education Courses and Job Opportunities in Information Technology

Individuals that work in the field of information technology are required to learn about new and advancing technologies. Due to the high demand for these professionals, many employers will offer tuition reimbursement packages to encourage employees to continue their education in the IT field. Many tech companies have also begun their own training divisions where employees can work and take courses at the same time.

Typical Information Technology Courses

The exact courses that a student is required to take will depend on the school they attend and the program they pursue. However, some areas of study may include:

  • Using Windows Applications: Database
  • RPG Programming
  • Oracle Data Warehousing
  • IT Project Management
  • CGI Programming
  • Computers & Information Processing
  • Programming Logic
  • Managing & Optimizing Personal Computers
  • Networking & Networking Essentials

Job Opportunities in Information Technology

IT professionals are required to use new technologies and implement services to organizations. They will also use products that help to develop a worldwide customer base. Pursuing this type of career field will give students a hands-on job, and they will be responsible for the technological advancement of an organization. As long as students are willing to grow and adapt to new technology, there should be ample career opportunities in this field. Some career fields that they could choose to pursue include:

  • Programmer
  • Windows Administrator
  • IT Project Manager
  • Data Administrator
  • Network Specialist

Career Outlook for Information Technology

The IT industry is continuing to increase, and the job demand is rising faster than the average career field. Students that pursue continuing education and adapt to technological advances within the industry will be set up to have the most rewarding job experiences.

Average Salary in Information Technology

According the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for computer programmers is $70,940. However, this salary will depend upon the person’s position, level, and region of the world in which they are employed.

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