Continuing Education for Job Coaching and Career Counseling

Continuing Education Courses and Job Opportunities for Job Coaches and Career Counselors

Both Job coaches and career counselors work to help individuals find and maintain jobs. There are some important differences between the two in regards to job responsibilities and education that can be examined further below.

Job Coach Vs. Career Counselor

Job coaches generally one on one with people with disabilities, and they help to teach them to be successful in the work place. Career counselors assess the skill sets, interests, and personality traits of individuals to help them find the best career for them. Typically job coaches only need an associate’s degree, and career counselors will need at least a Bachelor’s degree.

Typical Job Coach Training

A lot of job coach training is focused around how to interact within individuals with disabilities. Skills are developed in seminars and training about how to procure job placement and how to help a client keep a job. Potential coaches will also learn the skills necessary to teach clients how to perform tasks. An associate’s degree is generally required to pursue this type of career, especially if the job coach wants an administrative position at some point.

Typical Career Counselor Training

Career counselors generally have a Master’s degree in mental health, community services, or counseling. They are trained to perform career interventions and must follow ethics regarding proper counseling practices. A Master’s degree in counseling will often let students specialize in career counseling, making them well-suited for this type of job. In most states, these professionals are also required to have state licensure

Career Outlook for Job Coaches and Career Counselors

According to Grossmont College, the field of job coaching and career counseling is expected to grow faster than the average career. Depending on the industry and region, individuals employed in these positions can make between $13.00 an hour to $37.00 an hour.

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