Continuing Education for Musicians

Continuing Education Courses and Job Opportunities in Music

Music lovers can choose to pursue a variety of courses ranging from appreciation to learning how to play an instrument. Many adult education centers, colleges, and music schools will offer these courses for students and music enthusiasts. Individuals can take these courses to pursue a career in the music industry or simply to further explore their love of music as a hobby.

Typical Appreciation Courses for Musicians

Music appreciation courses allow students to learn about different types and styles of music, and it also allows students to read about specific composers. Genres like jazz or the blues can also be explored in greater depth at music schools, adult learning centers, or colleges. Courses ranging from classical music to more contemporary genres like rap and r & b music. These classes will consist of listening to musical performances and then discussing them, and there are often trips to concert halls and other venues in order to students to experiences these performances first hand

Typical Vocal Music Courses for Musicians

Students that enjoy singing and want to improve their vocal performance skills may enjoy pursuing a voice class. These classes can be completed one-on-one with a private instructor or can be completed in a group with a choir course. These courses will teach students to control pitch, volume, breathing, and vibrato when it comes to singing. They can also work on sight reading and other skills necessary to becoming excellent singers.

Typical Instrument Courses for Musicians

Students that wish to learn how to play an instrument can often find classes with private instructors. Many of these classes are posted in classified ads or online directories. Like vocal courses, they can be completed in groups or one on one. Many music stores where instruments are purchased will also offer courses for students practicing the same instrument. Other symphony and band courses will allow students that play different instruments to participate.

Typical Ensemble Courses for Musicians

Ensemble courses allow musicians with a variety of skills to perform together in a large group. Colleges and music schools offer classes for performing where students spend a semester working on a certain piece or pieces. The class generally culminates in a final performance where students have the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of a large audience of their peers and community members.

Typical Composition Courses for Musicians

Musicians that have mastered the skills of musical performance may wish to learn how to create their own musical numbers. Courses teaching them how to do this can be found on college campuses or adult learning centers. These courses will teach students the fundamentals of musical composition and the use of new composition software. If successful, these compositions may be featured in a future recital or performance.

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