Continuing Education for Paralegals

Continuing Education Units (CEU), Courses, and Credits for Paralegals

Not all paralegals will need continuing education units, but they are highly recommended for all professionals in this field of work. These credits can help an individual to do their job better and to potentially assist them in gaining a higher level position in the future.

Continuing Education for Paralegals

Paralegals need to pursue continuing education courses in order to maintain their licensure and to stay abreast on current laws, regulations, and best practices. Most states require paralegals to take a certain number of continuing education credits and then certify that continuing education with his or her supervising attorney. There is no state or local agency or association who monitors those requirements and paralegals should keep a record of their certifications.

Continuing Education Courses for Paralegals

There are a variety of continuing education options for paralegals. Some programs like the NALA offer web=based programs and seminars as well as campus self study programs. Live educational programs, short courses, and seminars are also available for paralegals that don’t find that online learning is conducive to their learning styles. Some possible subjects for continuing education programs for paralegals include:

  • American legal system
  • Judgment and legal analysis
  • Patent prosecution
  • Legal writing
  • Ethics and technology
  • Working through Article 9
  • Elder law
  • Civil litigation
  • Trial notebooks
  • Estate planning
  • Title searches

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