Continuing Education for Recording Artists

Continuing Education Courses and Job Opportunities in Recording Arts

Individuals wishing to pursue a career in the recording industry can gain experience through a variety of different degrees. An Associate’s degree can help an individual to gain a strong foundation in computers, and students may choose to pursue a Masters in Science eventually. Many colleges and universities may also offer courses during the weekends and at night to provide flexibility to the work schedules of students.

Typical Recording Arts Courses

The actual courses required for a recording arts degree program will depend upon the school the individual chooses. Common areas of study for this career field include the following:

  • Audio Production
  • Audio Sweetening/Surround Sound
  • Music Applications on Computer
  • Physics of Sound & Music
  • Maintenance and Calibration
  • Music Business

Typical Recording Arts Career Opportunities

Students that complete a program in recording arts can pursue a variety of career options. They will have skills in voice-overs, sound recording, sound editing, and record production. However, competition for these jobs is extremely high, especially for individuals looking for employment at major record labels. Computer skills and the ability to master sound engineering will be the foundation of a successful career in the recording arts industry.

Examples of employment opportunities for individuals with degrees in recording arts include the following:

  • Dialogue Director
  • Record Producer
  • Dubbing Technician
  • Audio Engineer
  • Sound Editor

Career Outlook for Recording

Although competition for employment is fierce, the recording industry is continuing to grow. If an individual is willing to work for a smaller label and have a current skill level, they should be able to find gainful employment.

Average Salary in Recording Arts

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics website the median annual salary for a Tape Editor varies between $26,179 and $35,262. However, this salary is going to depend upon the region and the employee’s experience level.

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