Continuing Education for Workplace Safety

Continuing Education Courses and Job Opportunities in First Aid

Training in first aid is essential in delivering prompt and early responses to health emergencies and crises. This type of training is often offered within the workplace, and community centers, or through online coursework.

Typical Workplace Safety Courses

Employers often choose to bring a first aid trainer onto the job site to train multiple people about the basics of first aid. These trainers educate employees about injuries, hazards, and accidents that could occur on the job and the ways to assist an injured person. The American Red Cross is one such agency that will send trainers to job sites, and many industries will have their own health safety experts employed on their staff. These individuals conduct regular workshops to ensure that all staff members are up to date on their training.

Typical Child and Infant First Aid Courses

Individuals that work as a certified child care professional are required to receive training in first aid on a regular basis. Courses can specify first aid for children and illnesses and hazards that can affect them specifically. Many employers also prefer workers with these credentials. Teachers, librarians, and social workers that work with children often receive this training as well on either a voluntary or mandatory basis. These professionals may also consider training that outlines how to childproof a home or workplace.

Typical Basic First Aid Courses

The American Red Cross offers basic first aid courses to organizations and interested individuals. Many courses are offered at public locations like libraries, schools, churches, and hospitals. These types of course will go over important topics like cardiac arrest, poisonings, hypothermia, heat stroke, shock, and treatment to cuts, wounds, or broken bones.

Typical Online or Video First Aid Courses

One of the simplest ways to learn about first aid is to do so with a training video or online course. However, these methods may not be as effective as an in-person course with a certified trainer. Many courses offer students to become certified after completing a test, but they will want to ensure the validity of the certificate before they complete the course.

Typical CPR Courses

CPR is an important part of first aid and is often included in many first aid courses. It is usually broken into CPR training for children, infants, and adults. Many professionals are required to obtain this certification, and it can be of utmost importance when a life saving emergency occurs.

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