Dating Tips for College Students

How to Date on a Budget in College

Dating does not have to be difficult for a college student n a budget. Although there will be some constraints on activities for financial reasons, as long as you use your imagination and follow a few simple rules, you should have no problems with dating.

Prepare to Pay

Although many college students expect the many to pay for a date, a woman should not get too comfortable in the mind set. If the guy expects to split the cost and his date does not have any money, it could cause an embarrassing situation. Therefore, both parties should ensure that on a first date they have enough money to pay, if need be.


Budgeting is also essential for dating while in college, and it is important for college students to come up with low budget and fun dating ideas. To be a good boyfriend or girlfriend, a college student doesn’t need to have a lot of money and can create a good date on a tight budget. It is also important to not make it seem like you are trying to be a cheap date and make the idea of budgeting as unobvious as possible. Being a ‘cheap date’ isn’t a bad thing in college, but being ‘cheap on a date’ is often the kiss of death.

Explore Outdoor Dating Ideas

Outdoor dates are extremely romantic ideas that don’t cost any money. You can go hiking, biking, swimming, or you can take on a fun activity at a local park. Physical activities without a lot of distractions can also help a couple to get to know each other better.

Do Dinner and a Movie

Renting a movie is extremely easy to do and relatively inexpensive. In order to create a romantic date night, try cooking dinner at home and watching a movie. If you are in a new relationship, let your date go through your movie collection and pick something they like. This will help you get to know a little about what types of movies they like, and they can learn something about you from going through all of your favorites.

Try Something Athletic

Try out a new sport or activity that neither of you have tried before like disc golfing. It may also be fun to try and teach your date something that you’re great at but that they have never done, such as surfing or snowboarding. Just make sure that if you play a sport you don’t get too competitive and become a poor sport if your date beats you.

Check Out a Museum or Art Exhibit

Museums or art exhibits are a good date idea for college students on a budget because many of them have days with free admission. Check out websites of possible museums in your area to find out when these free days are and go learn something with your date. Some museums may also offer concerts or other free events that will be fun for you and your date to experience together.

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