Declare a Major or Select Undecided?

Should You Apply to College with a Major or Select Undecided?

Declaring a major is often a stressful task for students, but is it always necessary. Can you just declare “undecided”? The following tips will help you to understand when it’s appropriate to choose “undecided.”

The Great Declare Debate

Many students feel that they need to declare a major as soon as they enter college or during the application phase. They feel like they have no direction by marking undecided. In reality, students should not feel bad about this decision, because many that do declare a major change it at some point during their college career. The question is, when should you declare a major and when should you be okay with selecting “undecided”?

When to Choose Undecided

If you have no idea what you want to do, you should choose to declare your major as undecided. This is especially true if you have varied interests, like English and Chemistry. Working toward one of those degrees only to change later could be detrimental and cost a significant amount of unneeded money. By choosing to remain undecided, you can focus on taking your general elective courses and try to gain some insight into what career field you wish to pursue.

When to Declare a Major

If you have a good idea of what you want to do you should choose a major, especially if you are sure that your actual desired career field is in a certain area. For example, if you aren’t sure if you want to choose wildlife or aquatic biology, just declare a biology major and worry about selecting a specialization later. Many of the courses between the two will be the same, and by declaring a major you can start working on core courses that you will actually need to graduate. Switching majors within one particular college or area of science should also be relatively simple, as well. can usually change your major – particularly early in your undergraduate career – to something that better fits your interests. And isn’t pursuing genuine interests what college is all about?

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