Delaware High School Diploma Programs

Earn a High School Diploma in Delaware

Delaware is a small state with a large commitment to education. The state focuses on quality education to all students, and the information below will give you an idea of what high school education in Delaware looks like.

High School Information in Delaware

The state of Delaware has 120,937 students, and 36.1% are low income while 14.7% are disabled. According to the National Assessment of Educational progress, Delaware students scored higher in reading and math achievement than the national average. The College Board also stated that 27.4% of Delaware high school students take advanced placement exams, and this is significantly higher than the national average of 24.9%. 84% of high school students graduate, and the Average Freshman Graduating Rate was used to compare across the states the percentage of students who graduate on time. It was determined that this number in Delaware was 72.9% compared to a national average of 75%.

High School Graduation Requirements in Delaware

The education requirements for completing high school, as summarized by the Delaware Department of Education, includes 22 credits that are as follows:

  • Language Arts (4 credits)
  • Mathematics (3 credits)
  • Science (3 credits)
  • Social Studies (3 credits)
  • Computer Science or Technology (1 credits)
  • Health Education (.5 credits)
  • Physical Education (1 credits)
  • Career Pathway (3 credits)
  • Electives (3.5 credits)

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