Drinking Tips for College Students

How to Drink Responsibly in College

Drinking problems are a big issue with college students. The following article will examine college drinking data and tips for responsible drinking.

College Student Drinking Statistics

It has been found that 48% of the alcohol that is consumed at a college or university is drank by an underage student, those being students under the age of 21. Of this drinking activity, binge drinking is the most troubling. Over 54% of students that admitted to binge drinking admitted that they have blacked out and forgotten what they did at some point during the school year. About one quarter of students that drink stated that they have faced academic consequences, and 44% of students report symptoms of alcohol dependency and abuse. It has also been suggested that students who binge drink have a significantly lower GPA than students that do not binge drink.

Schools Known for Drinking

A study completed by Christian Science Monitor suggested that 80% of college students drink, and 50% of those students regularly engage in binge drinking. This statistic may vary depending on the college campus. The Princeton Review ranked the top five schools with binge drinking problems, and topping the list were West Virginia University, the University of Mississippi, and the University of Texas at Austin. Something can also be said for the fact that West Virginia University topped this list and the category of students that hardly ever study.

Drink Measurements

Many college students are not aware of the appropriate serving sizes of drinks, leading them to overdrink. They do not know that one drink of beer is intended to be 12 ounces, or that one drink of wine is intended to be 5 ounces. Students typically make much bigger drinks, which can attribute to the binge drinking problems that are occurring on college campuses around the country.

Social Drinking vs. Binge Drinking

There is a vast difference between social drinking and binge drinking. Social drinking is responsible for students that are of age, and it may help a person to blow of stress about a rough week of school or work. They can have a couple of drinks with friends and control their intake of alcohol. Binge drinkers consume alcohol for the sole purpose of intoxication, and they drink and unreasonable and dangerous amount. Binge drinking can lead to dangerous behaviors or even death from alcohol poisoning, while social drinking is a relatively safe activity.

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