Education Degree Job Opportunities

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in Education

Education degrees teach students about evaluation, curriculum, and teaching strategies. Graduates of a program in education can find jobs as a high school teacher, special education teacher, or principal.

Education Degree Programs

A degree program in education teaches students how to be effective teachers and educators, and programs examine the complex history of education. Education has a number of theories that drive it and the way teachers should instruct students, and these theories are examined within an education program. Students also learn how to manage their classrooms, plan classes, and evaluate student progress. By completing a degree program in education, students will be prepared to work as special education teachers, high school teachers, or principals.

High School Teacher Job Opportunities for Education Degree Graduates

High school educators typically work with students ages 14-18, and they are responsible for shaping the goals, intellect, and morals of their students. They help students to understand a number of different educational topics while attempting to shape them into highly productive and contributing members of society. High school teachers adapt teaching methods and materials to meet students” varying interests and needs. They enforce all administration policies and rules governing students and maintain accurate and complete student records. Most high school teachers will specialize or focus in one area, such as history, biology, math, or physical education. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a high school teacher in 2009 was $52,200, and the best opportunities will be found in the Southwestern region of the United States.

Special Education Teacher Job Opportunities for Education Degree Graduates

Special education teachers will work with special-needs children, and they may educate kids with a variety of different impairments or needs. They usually collaborate with social workers and general education teachers to create an individualized education program (IEP) that will meet the unique needs of each child. Special education teachers establish and enforce rules for behavior and procedures for maintaining order among students. They also modify the general education curriculum for special-needs students based upon instructional technologies and techniques. Early childhood special educators work in hospitals, classrooms, at a child’s home, or in a special education center. Special education teachers are in high demand across the country, and the median annual salary for a special education teacher in the United States in 2009 was $50,910.

Principal Job Opportunities for Education Degree Graduates

Principals are responsible for managing a school using their educational, management, and decision-making skills. They determine what the school’s priorities are, hire and evaluate employees, and create school goals. They may have previous experience as teachers before they pursue an advanced degree in educational administration, and this is helpful when they need to communicate with faculty, staff members, and the community. Principals enforce discipline and attendance rules. They collaborate with teachers to maintain curriculum standards and to set goals and objectives. They also counsel and provide guidance to students. The median annual salary for an educational administrator at the primary and secondary levels in 2009 was $85,220, and this area should see a number of new job opportunities arise within the next several years.

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