Workplace Stress Management Tips

How to Stress Less at Work

Stress is a common characteristic of most jobs, but it can become problematic and can even carry over to your personal life if you aren’t careful. Over 40% of people say that their job is very stressful, and 25% stated that the biggest stressor in their life is their job. You should make sure that your work stays at work and that you do not allow stressful work situations to interfere with your personal relationships. Some tips to help you reduce work place stress are discussed below.

Get Moving

Exercise is a great way to reduce stress after a hard day at work. Exercise makes your body release endorphins that make you happier. So try and move around a little while you are at work by walking around for a while, eating your lunch outside, take the stairs, stretch, or develop a regular exercise program with some of your coworkers.


A cluttered workplace can create a lot of unneeded stress. Try and organize your workspace to get control over what you need to do. If you are organized you will be better prepared to get your work done and accomplish the goals you need to. Once you complete your tasks you will feel better about your work and your ability to do well in your job.

Make Friends

Friends can help us to de-stress in our home and professional lives. Being able to talk to others about your problems is helpful, and finding people you get along with at work will help make the day go by faster. Try and find someone you can go out to lunch with sometime or spend your breaks with.

When to Quit Your Job

How to Know When It's Time to Quit Your Job

Do you enjoy your job, or do you dread getting up in the morning and going into work? Analysts believe that one thing that makes a job enjoyable or gives a person personal satisfaction is having a job that is considered “hard”, and this can include physically or mentally demanding work. However, this may not even be enough to make someone enjoy their job, and some key signs that you hate your job are discussed below:

  • You are never happy about or excited to go into work
  • You feel burnt out or stressed out
  • You don’t feel that you are good enough to work in your position
  • You only stay at your job because you can’t find another one

A number of other factors go into making someone feel satisfied in their jobs. Some of those factors include:

  • Appreciation and value
  • Relationship with managers
  • Financial stability
  • Variety of projects
  • Challenging work
  • Trust in managers

The more of these characteristics you have, the more likely it is that you will be satisfied with your job.

What to Do After College Graduation

Career Options for College Graduates

With graduation fast approaching, you may be wrapped up in planning your career and looking for a new job. There are a variety of career options out there for you pursue especially for individuals that want to follow a career in the business world. You can choose to work in the corporate world, start your own business, or buy into a business or franchise.

Enter the Corporate World

Choosing to work in the corporate field means that employees will work for large companies. These companies often pay generous salaries with nice benefit packages including health insurance. They may also allow for flex spending accounts and a chance for employees to move up the corporate ladder and progress within your career.

Start Your Own Business

If you don’t enjoy going to work, starting your own business may be the best way for you to go. Many small business owners have become extremely successful and are responsible for selling valuable services and products. When starting a small business, you will need to find your niche or an area that has a market in your region to fill a need that is not currently being served. You will also need to create a solid business plan to ensure that you understand the business plan and the costs to you.

Buy a Business

If you don’t want to work for a boss or start your own business, consider buying into a franchise. This can include a restaurant franchise like a Subway or a store franchise like Kohl’s. You may need to contact a business broker in order to do this, as they will help you with the tough areas like negotiating terms, helping you go through paperwork, and prescreening businesses.

Tips to Fast Track Your Career

How to Fast Track Your Career Right out of College

Advancement in the corporate world is tough, especially when you are starting out as an entry-level worker and feel that you deserve to progress to a higher level position. To advance you will need to get yourself noticed, and some information about how to do this is outlined below.

Set Your Sights High

Dress for the job you want and set your goals high. Focus on solving problems rather than just doing what you need to in order to get by. Immerse yourself in the culture of the organization and involve yourself with people that will help you to succeed. Avoid slackers and other individuals that will bring you down. Complete additional training in technology and other areas to make yourself more desirable to managers for upper level positions. Look for areas where you can excel and do well, and you’re your bosses that you can handle additional responsibilities.

Sell Your Ideas

Ask managers for permission to pursue ideas so that you are on the same page about what is going on. Submit a proposal to your boss and ask advice from experienced managers. Do what you need to in order to get your idea through to your managers, especially those who are hesitant to change.

Claim Your Turf

If you have an idea, make sure that you get credit for it. Don’t let your coworkers take credit for something that you came up with, and don’t let anyone push you out of your proect. Update your manager on how much progress you are making, but take a subtle approach. Also give your coworkers credit when they do something good or assist you in your project, as this will help you to better network and build relationships within the organization.

Tips for Writing Cover Letters

How to Write an Effective Cover Letter

Including a cover letter will your resume when applying for a job will help a potential employer to get to know you better, and it will also give them a sample of your writing skills. It has been thought that many employers will not even consider reading someone’s resume unless they have also included a cover letter. You should use this as an opportunity to present yourself in a positive light and to separate yourself from other applicants, and some helpful tips for completing a cover letter are discussed below:

Consider Your Audience

Consider the audience of your cover letter and make it wow them. Make sure that it is professional and does not use slang or text abbreviations. It should also focus on the position and employer you are wishing to work for, and this shows that you have taken time to at least research the organization. Keep it focused and concise without making it too wordy or long.

Be Specific

When explaining your skills, avoid vague statements and be extremely specific. Also use examples to highlight your strengths. For example, if you stay that you have good time management skills, it may be useful to provide an example of a time in your career you were specifically stressed for time and needed to use time management skills in order to get things done. If you are hardworking, explain how you worked your way through college or provide another helpful example that will help to exemplify this.


A sloppy cover letter with a lot of mistakes will make a potential employer think one of many things, none of which are good:

  • You have poor written communications skills
  • You do not pay close attention to detail
  • You do not always put forth your best effort
  • You are not serious about the job, because if you were, you would have proofread your cover letter.

Tips for Turning an Internship into a Full-time Job

How to Turn Your Internship into a Full-time Employment Offer

Internships are a great way for students to find if their potential career field is the right choice for them. It is usually a temporary position that can be paid or unpaid and allows college students the chance to try out a certain job before they graduate. Many internships involve engineering, business, or science, and they can be extremely beneficial for a person during the career planning process. At the end of the internship there may also be the opportunity for full-time employment, so you need to make yourself stand out from your coworkers. A few tips for doing this are listed below:

Outperform Your Colleagues

Don’t just do the minimum amount of work needed in order to stick around. Work to outperform and do better than your coworkers, and make doing your best your main priority within your job. Go above and beyond to do the best you can in your position, and some tips for things you can also do include:

  • Ask for additional projects
  • Let your supervisor know you want to become more involved
  • Enjoy the most mundane of tasks
  • Make friends with other departments
  • Try and master your tasks
  • Volunteer to train or teach new employees

Express Your Desire to Stay

Don’t just wait for your boss to hand you a promotion. Keep up with your company website to find new opportunities, talk to hiring managers, and let your supervisor know that you want to stay with the company and excel. Don’t put pressure on them but let them know you would like to stay around.

Tips for Successful Networking

How Networking Can Help Your Career

Networking is essential in being successful within the business world. Your first networks problem start as friendships, and others may develop from meeting people with similar interests and career goals. Attend social events in order to meet new people and develop a relationship, and work on strengthening the bonds with connections that you have already established. More information and tips about this are discussed below.

Network and Make New Contacts

Make an effort to meet new people within a variety of different areas in your job or work industry. Go out of your way to introduce yourself to others and try to find a way to connect to them. Attend after work social gatherings or events, and try not to hang out with the same group of people each time. Try to expand your social circle. Although many of these networking events may happen at bars or other social outings, keep your drinking to a minimum and dress appropriately. You don’t want to send the wrong message and become the source of office gossip. Additionally, when you make a new contact, make sure that you partake in regular follow up in order to maintain that relationship so that it can potentially benefit you in the future.

Always Reciprocate

When you are trying to make connections, choose some that benefit both parties. When you ask someone to help you, think about what you can do to help that individual in return. The relationship should work both ways and feel like an actual friendship rather than just a business associate. Exchange advice and stories to make the relationship more comfortable and genuine.

Tips for Making Friends in College

How to Make Lifelong Friends in College

College is a great place to make lifelong friends, as you are able to meet a variety of different people through your classes, dorm, or extracurricular activities. Many students attend college far away from their families or high school friends, so they are looking to meet new people and build new relationships.

There are a variety of ways to make friends in college. While some may happen natural, other friendships need to be found by pursuing new people. If you are having a hard time making the friends you hope to have during your college experience, following a few simple steps will allow you to put yourself out there to meet new people.

Live with Others

One of the first new people that you will meet when you go to college is your dorm roommate. Some students choose to room with someone they know, and others take this as an opportunity to meet a new person and select a random roommate. When living in a dorm, you will also have the opportunity to meet people that live in your floor, cube, wing, or building, and dorm-wide activities will also help you to meet new people. If you are thinking about living in an apartment, use online sites or postings to find roommates to live with that sound as if they would be people you would get along with. Do not isolate yourself by living on your own, because this will set you behind in the friend-making department.

Find an Activity

College campuses have a variety of extracurricular activities available for students including sports, intramural activities, volunteer activities, and clubs. These activities will allow you to meet people that have similar interests and are like you as a person. These types of relationships are built on a strong foundation. Sororities and fraternities also help to meet other people from different age groups throughout the college or university, and they help to build a relationship of sisterhood or brotherhood within the organization. These relationships will help you to enjoy your college experience more and potentially relieve some stress.

Don’t Get Discouraged

Making friends may not occur as quickly as you want it to, and not everyone you meet is going to be a great friend to you. Therefore, you should not be discouraged if the first groups of people that you meet do not become your new best friends. You may have to put yourself out there and attend different activities to meet people, and you need to be open-minded in order to meet unique and new groups of people. Also realize that when entering college, everybody is the new kid and is in the same position as you, so try and reach out to others.

Tips for Long Distance College Relationships

How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Last in College

Many college students pursue long distance relationships with their boyfriend or girlfriend. They may have met in high school and chose to attend different schools or they could have met during summer vacations or at school activities. Regardless of how they met, pursuing a long distance relationship is often stressful on both parties. However, long distance relationships are not impossible, and couples that are committed to making it work can stay together by following a few simple tips.

Trust Each Other

Trust needs to be established in order for a long distance relationship to have any chance in lasting. If one partner is fearful that the other is cheating on him or her because of the distance between them, this fear will often dominate conversations and drive the couple apart. Trust needs to be established so that the time the couple is able to talk to each other or spend together can be a positive and happy interaction.

Focus on Open Communication

Regular and open communication is a necessity in a long distance relationship, and most often this occurs over the phone, Skye, or instant messaging. Partners should feel comfortable to be honest with their boyfriend or girlfriend and express their feelings without being judged. Communication is also important so that a partner feels like they are included in their significant other’s life. One important part of establishing trust is to be open and honest in your communication.

Control Jealousy

Jealousy is common in any relationship, but it is important to ensure that it is controlled. Partners should rely on open communication to discuss issues so that jealousy does not become a problem, and honesty is key to combat jealousy. Significant others should also avoid situations that will make their partner believe that something is occurring that they should be worried about.

Be Thoughtful

It is the little things that count in a relationship, not grand gestures, so partners should be thoughtful about one another. This can include phone calls just to tell the other that they are thinking about him or her, or asking about something that they know their partner is concerned about or cares about. Remembering intimate and personal details also helps to show a partner that his or her significant other really cares about them and listens to what they have to say. Small gifts at random times are also a great way to show a significant other that his or her boyfriend or girlfriend is thinking about them.

Make Time

Just like relationships that are not long distance, couples need to make time for each other despite other obligations. This could include regularly scheduled phone calls, emails, or online chats. These calls can be scheduled around activities, but the regularity will help keep the couple connected despite the distance between them. Couples can get creative and plan virtual dates where they watch the same TV show or movie together or eat dinner together

Tips for Living with a College Roommate

How to Live with a Roommate in College

One challenging aspect to college is life is living with a roommate. Some students go into college not knowing the person they will be forced to live with for nine months, and personality conflicts can make this a challenging situation. Even students that do know their roommate before they begin to live together face challenges, as different opinions on cleaning, priorities, and noise levels can create roommate and personality conflicts. However, following some of the simple tips listed below can help to make living with a roommate a more pleasant experience.

Make Rules

Before starting to live with someone, roommates should discuss their preferences with one another. This can include what time the other likes to go to bed, wake up, and complete homework. Using this information, rules and guidelines should be created about the time frame that activities within the dorm, house, or apartment will take place.

Come to a Compromise

When different personalities are placed in a living situation together, compromise is essential. Living with a person that expects to get their way all the time can create a difficult situation, so it is necessary to balance different lifestyles through compromise. Both roommates need to come to solutions about what will work best for both of them in order for the situation to remain pleasant and cordial.

Keep Communication Open

Roommate situations are bound to create frustrations between people, even between the best of friends. During these times it is important to be honest and communicate your feelings with your roommate. Without this, your roommate will not know that you are upset and cannot do anything to fix his or her behavior. Communication should not be about blaming the other person or bringing up all of their flaws, and only the very important things should be brought up. Pick your battles, and keep in mind that you are probably annoying roommate as much as he or she annoys you.

Have an Open Mind

Keep in mind that not everyone grew up in the same household as your or has the same background. This does not mean that one way of living is better or worse than another. When living with people from other cultures, ask questions if you do not understand why they do things, but do so inquisitively and not in a condescending manner. You should also be willing to accept new things and get along with people who are much different than yourself.