Educational Administration or Supervision Degree Job Opportunities

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in Educational Administration or Supervision

Educational administration and supervision degrees are essential for individuals that want to manage schools and educational programs. By pursuing a degree in educational administration and supervision, a person will be prepared to work as a principal, vice principal, or instructional coordinator. Educational Administration or Supervision programs are great for people who want preparation in managing schools and school programs.

Educational Administration and Supervision Degree Programs

Educational administration and supervision degree programs teach students how to manage schools, buildings, and educational staff. Most of these degree programs are at the master’s and doctoral levels, so students will be required to first earn a bachelor’s degree. Many administrators also have experience as a teacher, which is helpful within these degree programs and career fields. Students will learn about designing curriculum, evaluating staff, communication skills, educational management, and the educational needs of different types of students. By pursuing this degree program, graduates will be prepared to pursue a career as an instructional coordinator, principal, or vice principal.

Vice Principal Job Opportunities for Educational Administration and Supervision Degree Graduates

Typically, vice principals have more day to day contact and interactions with staff and students, and they work with maintenance workers, bus drivers, and food servers to make sure that school operations are running smoothly. They are often in charge of school disciplinary procedures and they administer punishments in accordance with school guidelines and how they see fit. They may also provide counseling to students to try and correct behaviors and educational efforts. Many vice principals will attempt to obtain positions as principals at some point in their career, but others are content to remain in this position. The median salary for most education personnel, as determined by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, was $73,910 in 2009.

Instructional Coordinator Job Opportunities for Educational Administration and Supervision Degree Graduates

Individuals that are employed as instructional coordinators usually have teaching experience as well as skills in design curriculum and planning educational programs. Many of these individuals are employed as specialists and also focus on researching learning materials for history, English, and mathematics. Instructional coordinators will often work for private, religious, and public schools. They may also obtain employment in research institutions and state and local governments. Instructional coordinators research and prepare recommendations on curriculum, materials, and instructional methods for school systems. They may also conduct workshops, conferences, and committees to promote the welfare of students. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for instructional coordinators in 2009 was $58,780. Educational coordinators are also expected to have rapid job growth within the next several years, because school districts are attempting to improve their performance.

Principal Job Opportunities for Educational Administration and Supervision Degree Graduates

Principals are responsible for managing a school using their educational, management, and decision-making skills. They determine what the school’s priorities are, hire and evaluate employees, and create school goals. They may have previous experience as teachers before they pursue an advanced degree in educational administration, and this is helpful when they need to communicate with faculty, staff members, and the community. Principals enforce discipline and attendance rules. They collaborate with teachers to maintain curriculum standards and to set goals and objectives. They also counsel and provide guidance to students. The median annual salary for an educational administrator at the primary and secondary levels in 2009 was $85,220, and this area should see a number of new job opportunities arise within the next several years.

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