Educational Media Design. Degree Job Opportunities

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in Educational Media Design

Educational media design degrees are best suited for individuals that want to work in education by designing and creating materials used by teachers. By pursuing this degree program, a graduate will be prepared to work as an educational game designer, instructional coordinator, or illustrator.

Educational Media Design Degree Programs

Educational media design programs teach students how to use graphics, film, video, and other media sources to create teaching material that educators use within the classroom. These programs are typically completed at the graduate level, and they can also be referred to as educational technology and communication programs. Some courses that may be required within this program include:

  • Curriculum construction
  • Interactive media
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Data analysis
  • Computer programming

After the completion of this degree program, students will be prepared to pursue a career as instructional coordinator, illustrator, or educational game designer.

Educational Game Designer Job Opportunities for Educational Media Design Degree Graduates

A person that is employed as an educational game designer will work with computer programmers to develop games that can be used for learning by students. They come up with the ideas for games and create the story line. They will then work with other employees to make the game come to life on a computer. Game designers conduct regular design reviews throughout the game development process. They create gameplay prototypes for presentation to creative and technical management and staff. Individuals that work in this line of work will need to have some programming experience in addition to illustration and design skills. It is expected that this industry will grow quickly within the next several years, so there should be a number of job opportunities available to interested professionals.

Instructional Coordinator Job Opportunities for Educational Media Design Degree Graduates

Individuals that are employed as instructional coordinators usually have teaching experience as well as skills in design curriculum and planning educational programs. Many of these individuals are employed as specialists and also focus on researching learning materials for history, English, and mathematics. Instructional coordinators will often work for private, religious, and public schools. Instructional coordinators research and prepare recommendations on curriculum, materials, and instructional methods for school systems. They may also conduct workshops, conferences, and committees to promote the welfare of students. They may also obtain employment in research institutions and state and local governments. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for instructional coordinators in 2009 was $58,780. Educational coordinators are also expected to have rapid job growth within the next several years, because school districts are attempting to improve their performance.

Illustrator Job Opportunities for Educational Media Design Degree Graduates

An illustrator that works in the field of education will use painting, computer drawing programs, pencils, and other media sources to work with educational design companies or publishers. These illustrators provide illustrations for texts, draw instructional media materials, or create characters and drawings for educational videos and games. Illustrators maintain portfolios of artistic work to demonstrate skill, abilities, styles, and interest. They also study different techniques in order to learn how to apply them to artistic endeavors. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for an illustrator in 2009 was $44,160, and it is expected that there will be more of these jobs created within the next several years.

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