Electrical Engineering or Electronics Degree Job Opportunities

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in Electrical Engineering or Electronics

Electrical engineering or electronics degrees teach students about computers and circuit boards, and they require students to complete a number of math and science courses. By pursuing a degree program in electrical engineering or electronics, a student may be prepared to work as an electrical engineer, electronics engineer, or operations research analyst.

Electrical Engineering or Electronics Degree Programs

Degree programs in electrical engineering prepare students to work with electrical and electronic application, and they will learn about subjects like circuits, energy conversion, magnetic fields, and electrical currents. Students that study this program utilize computer programs that simulate the design of research products and motors, and they may also learn about robotics and automation. By pursuing a degree program in electrical engineering, students will be prepared to work as an operations research analyst, electronics engineer, or electrical engineer.

Electrical Engineer Job Opportunities for Electrical Engineering or Electronics Degree Graduates

Individuals that work as electrical engineers develop and design electric motors, power-generating systems, and battery networks. They work with methods that supply energy as well as produce and store it. Most electrical engineers will work for major companies, but they can also be employed by researchers or public institutions. Electrical engineers will have a high level of job growth within the next several years due to an increased demand for electrical instruments and systems. Electrical engineers design and implement electrical components, equipment, products, and systems for domestic and industrial systems. They may also prepare specifications for purchase of equipment and materials. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for an electrical engineer in 2009 was $83,110.

Electronics Engineer Job Opportunities for Electrical Engineering or Electronics Degree Graduates

Electronics engineers differ from electric engineers because they are more concerned with technology or equipment that uses electricity rather than those that produce it. This can include computers, entertainment centers, telephones, and motors. Other than this distinction, electronics engineers work with many of the same systems as electric engineers. Electronic engineers develop and perform testing procedures for electronic products, equipment, and systems. They provide technical support and instruction to customers and staff members regarding equipment standards.Electronic engineers will be responsible for evaluating, designing, and manufacturing these systems. Electronics engineers will also see average job growth within the next several years, and the median annual salary is similar to that of electrical engineers at $83,110.

Operations Research Analyst Job Opportunities for Electrical Engineering or Electronics Degree Graduates

Operations research analysts work for a number of different organizations in order to carry out production, personnel, and budgeting processes. They ensure that the operations of their organization are running smoothly, and they often need to depend up their employer and the industry in which they work. Operations research analysts formulate and apply mathematical modeling and other methods using a computer to interpret information that helps management with policy formulation and decision making. They may also develop related products, service, and software. They are responsible for maintaining a cohesive organization that works well together and completes task efficiently without repetition or overlap. It is expected that there will be significant growth in this industry within the coming years, and the median annual income for an operations manager in 2009 was $92,650. Electrical engineering majors that have good skills in planning, analysis, and communications will have the best chance at one of these jobs.

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