General Finance Degree Job Opportunities

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in General Finance

General finance degree programs can prepare individuals to work in the field of financial services. Some possible careers include financial managers, financial services sales representatives, and financial analysts.

General Finance Degree Programs

A degree program in general finance can lead to the completion of a bachelor’s degree in which students can choose to pursue a specialization in finance. Students will be required to learn about some of the following general finance topics, including:

  • Business strategies
  • Security analysis
  • Investment management
  • Asset management
  • Portfolio design
  • Derivative securities

Graduates of these programs can pursue careers as financial managers, financial analysts, and financial services sales representatives. After gaining some work experience, individuals may choose to return to school to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree that specializes in finance. These programs are often considered the gold standard when employers are trying to find new candidates to fill positions, and they can often put a potential worker a step above the competition if they have successfully completed this program.

Financial Manager Job Opportunities for General Finance Degree Graduates

Financial managers monitor cash flow and management, create investment portfolios, supervise financial reports, and monitor profit management. Financial managers may also have the job titles of:

  • Treasurer
  • Controller
  • Credit manager

Financial managers often oversee the flow of cash or financial instruments and evaluate or examine loan applications. They may also approve or reject lines of credit of loans for commercial or residential real estate. Financial managers work at a variety of levels of business, and most have at least master’s degrees. They can find jobs working for loan organizations, savings groups, banks, and other institutions that need professionals to manage their complex investment practices. However, this advanced degree is not always needed in order to get a job as a financial manager. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary of a financial manager in 2009 was $101,190.

Financial Services Sales Representatives Job Opportunities for General Finance Degree Graduates

Financial services sales representatives are responsible for listening to the requirements and concerns of customers, and they sell a variety of financial services, including:

  • Credit lines
  • Deposit amounts
  • Loans
  • Home financing

The financial services industry works with banks, insurance companies, and other firms that specialize in security sales, investment funding, and loans. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for these employees in 2009 was $58,910. It is also expected that the demand for these professionals will increase at an average rate in the near future.

Financial Analyst Job Opportunities for General Finance Degree Graduates

Financial analysts work with clients to make decisions about investments, commodities, securities, or other business ventures that they are feel they wish to pursue. Financial analysts monitor developments with the fields of finance, economic theory, business, and industrial technology. They may also interpret data on risk trends, stability, price, yield, and economic influences. Many of these employees work for banks and other financial institutions and analyze investments directly for their employers. Job demand in this area is expected to increase at a faster than average rate in the future. In addition, the median annual salary for a financial analyst in 2009 was $73,670.

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