General Surveying Engineering Job Opportunities

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in General Surveying Engineering

General surveying engineering degrees teach students about elevation, chart reading, GPS, and aerial photography. By pursuing this type of degree program, students can prepare themselves to work as a surveyor, drafter, or phtogammetrist.

General Surveying Engineering Degree Programs

Individuals that choose to pursue a degree program in general surveying engineering need to be prepared to work in a job where knowledge about land features, maps, and drawings are essential. Students learn about how to create maps and use GPS technology, and they may also study CAD drafting, statistics, and cartography. Aerial property rights and fundamentals of property surveying may also be requirements within this program. Some of these programs can be completed at the associate level, while many are bachelor’s degree programs. These four year programs often offer management and business skills to prepare students to work in supervisorial roles. Graduates that complete a general surveying engineering program will be prepared to work as a drafter, land surveyor, or photogrammetrist.

Photogrammeterist Job Opportunities for General Surveying Engineering Degree Graduates

Photogrammetrists are often unheard of in the business world, but they work to create maps and drawings of geographical areas. This is done by analyzing and measuring aerial and other types of photos. Individuals that work in this profession can prepare maps of areas that are difficult to survey using other more conventional methods, and job growth within this field is expected to be steady over the next several years. The most job openings will be in the construction field, and the median annual salary for this professional in 2009 was $53,050.

Land Surveyor Job Opportunities for General Surveying Engineering Degree Graduates

Individuals that work as land surveyors obtain information on water, air spaces, and land. They may work with government organization to determine property lines, or they may be more concerned with the geography of land and its structures. This career field is being changed and updated with the creation of new technology, and GPS is becoming increasingly important in order for land surveyors to do their jobs effectively. Surveyors compute measurements and interpret survey data to determine shapes, positions, and elevations of features. They also write descriptions of property boundary surveys for use in leases, legal documents, and deeds. All states in the U.S. require surveyors to be licensed, and this career field is expecting average job growth within the next several years. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a land surveyor in 2009 was $54,180.

Drafter Job Opportunities for General Surveying Engineering Degree Graduates

Draftsmen or drafters prepare CADD drawings like architects, but they can also work in other areas lich mechanical or electrical designs. Draftsmen use technical handbooks, tables, and calculators to construct these designs and must have a thorough understanding of technical details. Drafters analyze building does, laws, space, and site requirements to determine their effect on architectural designs. They may also coordinate electrical, structural, and mechanical designs to determine a method of presentation to graphically represent building plans. Draftsmen that choose to work in construction projects may specialize in a type of building or property or a type of material, such as concrete or steel. Civil drafters will also construct drawings for highways, sewage systems, and bridges. The median annual salary for a draftsman in 2009 was $45,600. Similarly, electrical drafters earned a median annual salary of $52,080 in the same year.

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