Graduate Degree Program Job Opportunities

Find Career and Employment Opportunities for Graduate Degree Holderes

Graduate degrees allow students that want to further their education after their undergraduate schooling to have that opportunity. This degree can make an individual extremely attractive to prospective employers and can give them an edge on employment competition. Students that complete a graduate degree can pursue a variety of careers including work as a computer scientist, general manager, or budget analyst.

Graduate Degree Programs

Graduate degrees are awarded at colleges and universities to students that have previously completed a bachelor’s degree and chose to further their education. They can be completed in a variety of educational fields and areas of specialization. Graduate degrees are intense programs that focus on significant research components and paper-writing. Students that pursue a graduate degree may be better prepared to obtain employment in their desired field, and the completion of a graduate degree can lead to a job as a budget analyst, computer scientist, or general manager, among many other possibilities.

Computer Scientist Job Opportunities for Graduate Degree Graduates

A computer scientist will work within the private sector or academic settings to develop new technology. They also need to apply concepts to solve technical problems, and they can work in a research setting while attempting to solve some of these abstract issues. Computer scientists may work for a number of different businesses and industries that wish to find technologies to make their organization more practical. Computer scientists meet with managers to solicit cooperation and resolve problems. They also conduct analyses of scientific, engineering, business, and other technical problems. In addition, private sector computer scientists may also be responsible for supervising other employees and fulfilling a management role. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a computer and information scientist was $101,570 in 2009.

General Manager Job Opportunities for Graduate Degree Graduates

General Managers plan, coordinate, and direct the operations of companies. They develop policies and procedures, manage daily operations, and plan for the use of materials and human resources. They also function in purchasing, administrative services, and personnel areas. They direct the organization’s budget and financial activities and manage staff members. They may review financial statements, sales, and activity reports in order to determine productivity and areas that need cost reduction. They may also implement departmental objectives, goals, and policies by conferring with board members, staff members, and organizational officials. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a professional in this field in 2009 was $92,650 or $44.55 per hour. There is expected to be little to no change in this field in regards to growth in the near future.

Budget Analyst Job Opportunities for Graduate Degree Graduates

A budget analyst is a financial professional that prepares budgets for organizations and government agencies. They obtain formation to fund projects and then ensure that the funds are being allocated properly. Budget analysts review operating budgets to analyze trends affecting budget needs. They also examine budget estimates for accuracy, conformance, and completeness with regulations and procedures. They generally create one budget per year, and during the rest of the months they produce interim reports regarding expenditures and yearly progress. The median annual salary for budget analysts was over $58,000 in 2009, but competition for these jobs is high. Job growth is also expected to be slower than the average career field.

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