Hairdressing Job Opportunities

Find Career and Employment Opportunities for Hairdressers

Hair dressers are responsible for styling, cutting, and coloring hair. This can include giving perms to add volume, straightening, or bleaching. They will also educate clients about proper hair care, and their constant client interactions will require good interpersonal skills. Since hair dressers spend most of their day standing, they will also need to have good stamina as well as being in good physical health.

Most hair dressers work in spas, resorts, hotels, and salons. They can also find work at department stores or in nursing homes, and a number of hair dressers are self employed and can work out of their home. These individuals are responsible for equipment sanitation as well as meeting standards in health and safety.

Typical Hair Dresser Courses

Most hair dressers need to become licensed in their state before they can get a job. The length of training and type will vary by state, but most cosmetology schools or community colleges offer these types of programming. While in class, students will take coursework specializing in hair cutting, processing, and coloring. They will also be taught basic business principles as well as health and safety regulations. Once the program has been completed, the State Board Exam will be offered within the state, and students will need to successfully complete a written and practical exam.

Career Outlook for Hair Dressers

Hair dressers are expected to see average growth within their field of employment. With the increase in population and continued emphasis on personal appearance, it can be expected that this need may grow in the future. Some of the best opportunities will be found in large cities and metropolitan areas.

Average Salary for Hair Dressers

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual income for a hair dresser in 2009 was $23,330. This number may or may not include tips that are often given to hair dressers for a job well done. Income may also be higher for people working in larger cities, and self-employed hair dressers will also see variations in income.

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