Health Law Degree Job Opportunities

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in Health Law

Health law degrees are completed at the master’s degree level, and they are awarded to attorneys that study health and legal issues. This degree prepares students to work within the health care industry in a legal aspect, and graduates of this degree program can pursue a career as a professor, health law attorney, or lobbyist.

Health Law Degree Programs

Health law degree programs are offered at the master’s degree level in order to provide students with a Juris Doctorate, or J.D. degree. This degree program may be pursued in oder to develop expertise in how the law and health care affect each other. These programs require focused practice and training on health care law, interpretation of laws, and the completion of a thesis program. Graduates of this degree program most often pursue jobs in law practices as an attorney, but other may choose to work as health care law professors or lobbyists.

Health Law Attorney Job Opportunities for Health Law Degree Graduates

Individuals that work as health law attorneys are professionals in the legal issues of health care. They may work for HMOs, hospital counsels, health insurance companies, and for other organizations. They may also work as freelancers that are contracted out by law firms. They need to have detail knowledge of surgical care, liabilities, and patents on medicines in order to represent clients in court and to advocate for them. Lawyers study regulations, decisions, the Constitution, and statues to determine ramifications for cases. They also interpret regulations, laws, and rulings for businesses and individuals. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual income for all types of lawyers in 2009 was $113,240. Similarly, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that the greatest job growth in the field of law will be in health care law.

Lobbyist Job Opportunities for Health Law Degree Graduates

Lobbyists work in order to influence policy that reflects their client’s interests, and this can include using legislators, persuading officials, and voting in beneficial manners. Many of these jobs come from pharmaceutical companies, health care companies, and health insurance companies, since recently there have been significant public policy debates on health care. Individuals that have a J.D. in health care law will be well-qualified to fill these positions, as they can help to pass laws that may be beneficial to their employers or other interest groups. The median annual salary for a lobbyist is typically around $95,000, and growth is expected in this field within the next several years.

Professor Job Opportunities for Health Law Degree Graduates

Professors in health care law may work as professors in law schools or other universities. They will teach students about the legal aspects of health care in addition to conducting research in the field. These professionals typically have a doctorate degree in addition to their law degree, and they may do volunteer or pro bono work for legal service organizations. Individuals that work in this field typically specialize in research and teaching the law as it applies to health care and health care-related issues. It can be expected that this field will have fairly strong job growth within the next several years, and the median annual salary will stay around $92,000 for professors in this area.

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