Health Services Administration Degree Job Opportunities

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in Health Services Administration

Health services administration degrees prepare students to work as a leader in a health care organization which can include a hospital, clinic, or public health organization. By pursuing this career field, graduates will be able to work as a nursing care facility manager, health information manager, or outpatient care manager.

Health Services Administration Degree Programs

Health services administration programs focus on public administration, communications, policy analysis, and business management in the management of health services delivery systems in the private and public sectors. This program also prepares students to function as health services managers or administrators. Degree programs include instruction in some or all of the following areas:

  • Public health law
  • Human resource management
  • Finance
  • Public health policy
  • Operations management
  • Economics of health care
  • Organizational and health communications
  • Marketing

Gradates will be prepared to work as a health information manager, outpatient care manager, or nursing care facility manager.

Health Information Manager Job Opportunities for Health Services Administration Degree Graduates

Health information managers protect, capture, and analyze digital and traditional medical information that is vital to providing quality patient care. This information can include symptoms, medical history, examinations, laboratory tests, diagnoses, and treatment plans. Much of this information is retained electronically, so individuals in this field will need to have advanced IT or computer skills. It is expected that health information managers typically earn a salary between $30,000 and $80,000 each year with increases that are commensurate with experience and higher education.

Outpatient Care Manager Job Opportunities for Health Services Administration Degree Graduates

Outpatient care managers work to ensure that quality care and services are offered to patients that come to hospital and clinic facilities and do not stay over night. This can include responsibilities for equipment, supplies, invoicing, medical records bookkeeping, and scheduling. They work with hospital administration to make important decisions regarding the care that outpatient clients receive. A strong job outlook is expected in this area, and candidates can expect to receive a salary between $75,000 and $140,000.

Nursing Care Facility Manager Job Opportunities for Health Services Administration Degree Graduates

Nursing care facility managers manage assisted living homes, nursing homes, and other facilities designated for disabled or elderly people. They work on continuous improvement of programs and facilities and they typically need to be licensed within the state that they are working. They may be responsible for financial administration, hiring, interviewing, and managing service delivery. This career field is expected to see strong growth in the future with a median annual salary of about $64,000.

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