Idaho High School Diploma Programs

Earn a High School Diploma in Idaho

Education is extremely important to the government, public, and welfare of the state of Idaho. Some pertinent information about high school education in Idaho is discussed below.

High School Information in Idaho

As of 2007, the completion rate for high school students in Idaho was 88%. This surpassed the nationwide average of 80%. Nearly 5,800 students did not graduate from Idaho’s schools in 2010, and the lost lifetime earnings alone for these students are over $1.5 billion. It is also expected that if all Idaho’s high schools graduated their entire student body ready for college, the state could save as much as $6.5 million a year in community college remediation costs and lost earnings.

High School Graduation Requirements in Idaho

In order t o earn a high school diploma in the state of Idaho, students must complete 46 total credits. Of those credits, 29 must be of core instruction while the remaining 17 can be electives. A breakdown of the core curriculum is provided below.

  • Language Arts (9 credits)
  • Mathematics (6 credits including Algebra I and Geometry)
  • Science (6 credits, 4 of which are from lab)
  • Social Studies (5 credits)
  • Humanities (2 credits)
  • Health (1 credit)

Students are also required to complete a senior project that includes an oral presentation and written report to be completed by the end of 12th grade. The SAT, ACT, or Compass exams must also be completed by the end of grade 11. The ISAT must also be passed with a score of Proficient or Advanced in reading, math, language usage, and science.

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