Information Systems Security Job Opportunities

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in Information Systems Security

Information systems security degrees prepare students to work in a field where they are concerned with the security of data and other information technology information. By pursuing this degree program, students will be prepared to work as an information systems manager, system analyst, or computer security specialist.

Information Systems Security Degree Programs

Programs that specialize in information systems security work to keep information on networked computers secure. They are vital in the role against preventing identify theft and other forms of illegal activity. A degree in this program coupled with information technology training will provide students with the knowledge needed in anti-hacking software, spyware, password protection, and other necessary areas. By completing a degree in information systems security, a graduate’s job opportunities will be plentiful, and they can choose to get a job as a computer security specialist, system analyst, or information systems manager.

Information Systems Manager Job Opportunities for Information Systems Security Degree Graduates

Management information systems directors are hired in order to ensure that a business or organization’s needs for information technology are met. They manage other IT workers, and they assign cases to programmers and help desk specialists. They are responsible for keeping IT systems and networks up to date and make suggestion on possible updates for hardware and software that could benefit their organization. Since technology is constantly changing and upgrading, management information systems directors need to be on the lookout for new developments in regards to network technology and computing. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a management information systems director was $113,720 in 2009, and it is expected that there will be strong growth within this field within the next several years.

Systems Analyst Job Opportunities for Information Systems Security Degree Graduates

Professionals that work as computer systems analysts generally work for firms or are self-employed. They are usually hired out on a temporary or contract basis by organizations that need direction in the development of new computer systems. These professionals are also sought out when system upgrades are warranted. Computer systems analysts need to make sure that the organization’s investments in regards to information technology are paying off and those specific computing needs are being met. They also work closely with technology managers in regards to the design of systems and the purchase of hardware or software. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual income for a computer systems analyst in 2009 was $77,080.

Computer Security Specialist Job Opportunities for Information Systems Security Degree Graduates

Individuals that work as computer security specialists are responsible for keeping their organization’s information and systems secure from theft, spying, or any other type of outside interference. There are a number of Cisco certifications available to teach a student these skills, and by pursuing this career field an individual will have a high earning potential and a number of job opportunities available to them. Computer security specialists must also be up to date on the legal aspects of systems security in order to identify possible crimes to report to management and possibly law enforcement. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts this field will have faster than average job growth within the next several years, and median annual salaries will start at $35,000.

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