Iowa High School Diploma Programs

Earn a High School Diploma in Iowa

When you think of Iowa you may think of a flat state with a lot of corn fields, but there are many great things about this smaller state. The education system is one of them, and information about high school in Iowa and graduation requirements can be found below.

High School Information in Iowa

The state of Iowa has a high school graduation rate of 89%, making it the ninth best in the country. The student teacher ratio is 13.8 to 1, which puts Iowa at 36th place for highest student teacher ratio tying with the District of Columbia. There are 356 high schools with total enrollment of all schools at around 473,000. The state of Iowa also employs 34,823 full-time teachers, 100% of which are licensed and 99.5% of which are highly qualified in their academic area.

High School Graduation Requirements in Iowa

The board of directors of each local public school district is the authority in charge of determining high school graduation requirements. This is different than most states that impose rigorous requirements for all schools within their education system. However, some standards have been imposed within the last several years. Currently students are required to complete three years of social studies, and according to the Iowa Department of Education, all students in grades nine through 12 must complete a minimum of .5 units of U.S. government and 1 unit of U.S. history.

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