Job Hunting Resources for College Students

Where to Find Job Hunting Resources for New Graduates

Job hunting can be an extremely difficult and stressful time for all people, but this is especially true for college graduates. Some tips to consider when looking for a job are discussed below including ideas for job positing websites and business websites to check out if you are in need of a new job. .

Job Posting Websites

Job posting websites are a good idea for someone who is not sure of what company they want to work for and for individuals that would like to check out a variety of positions at once. Many of these sites allow you to search by location, key word, or job category. You can also conduct advanced searches regarding your educational or experience level on other sites. Try searching more than one site, as companies may choose to advertise on one site over another. Some sites will also allow you to post your resume so that potential employers and recruiters can contact you, so it is important to have an excellent resume that will stand out and attract potential job offers. Some of the most popular websites for job posting include Yahoo Hot Jobs, Career Builder, and Monster. Sites like Craig’s List also contain employment opportunities.

Business Websites

Do you have a company that you already know you want to work for and would be great at? If so, try checking out their website to see if they have any openings. You may also be able to find job openings that are available to you in other areas, which can allow for the potential to relocate. You can also ask individuals that already work at the business for job tips and openings. This referral process may help you to get an actual interview. Once your application has been submitted, make sure to follow up by calling the company and asking about the status of your application.

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