Job Opportunities in Baltimore, MD

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in Baltimore, Maryland

There are a wide variety of career opportunities in Baltimore, MD and its surrounding areas. Baltimore is gaining popularity and business growth, which means that job demand will continue to grow.

Job Opportunities in Baltimore, MD

The newest careers in the city of Baltimore have been in the financial services and health care industries. The city is also extremely popular for tourists, as it is located in an extremely convenient Mid-Atlantic region. This assures that the restaurant, hospitality, and hotel employment industries will continue to grow.

Job Opportunities in Baltimore County

Baltimore is located in Baltimore County. This county also houses the Port of Baltimore, so the shipping industry is constantly looking for employees. There are also several large pharmaceutical companies in this county, and they are constantly hiring new and highly-skilled professionals. The manufacturing industry is also continuing to grow, specifically with the Middle River aircraft manufacturer and the White Marsh automotive plant.

Job Opportunities Outside of Baltimore

Cecil County is located outside of Baltimore, and the manufacturing industry in that area is continuing to grow. It is thought that the textile industry would continue to hire on new employees, and grocery wholesaler and food distributors also employee new people all the time. Carroll County also has large paper manufacturing and robotics companies, and Hartford County houses a large number of defense contractors. Finally, Ann Arundel County houses a major airport, and Howard County attracts IT employers.

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