Job Opportunities in Cambridge, MA

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Fast paced careers are plentiful in Cambridge, MA. There are a variety of options available to residents that wish to live in this popular Boston suburb.

About Cambridge, MA

Cambridge, MA is one of Boston’s suburbs, which is the Middlesex county seat. It has a combination of careers that are created by local institutions, and it is a former industrial hub from the Great Depression era. There are also two universities in the city that have turned Cambridge into a capital of technology.

Population of Cambridge, MA

The demographics of the Cambridge, MA population consist of a younger population that has lived in the area for less than ten years. Most citizens also have strong technology and intellectual ties to the community.

Careers and Employers in Cambridge, MA

Educational institutions are the fastest growing careers in Cambridge. Government spending in this area and in others has driven the technology field and the need for educational professionals. Cambridge is also the home of many other top US employers, including:

  • Polaroid
  • Thinking Machines
  • IBM
  • Akamai
  • VMare

Biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, such as Novartis and Biogen Idec, also thrive throughout Cambridge. The city is also a center for joint career ventures with business organizations and the government, including linguistics and artificial intelligence.

Economic Growth in Cambridge, MA

The Boston Globe suggests that the technology field is by far the fastest growing career field in Cambridge, MA. This career field has remained constant in regards to growth, unlike other areas that have gone up and down. Biotechnology and health care have also grown quickly and are expected to stay strong within the Cambridge, MA economy in the near future.

Career Outlook in Cambridge, MA

It is expected that Cambridge will remain one of the leading technological and intellectual centers of the world in the future. Therefore, career opportunities and demand will continue to thrive in this city.

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