Job Opportunities in Detroit, MI

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in Detroit, Michigan

In recent years, Detroit has lost a number of manufacturing jobs. However, the diverse economy has helped to keep Detroit growing, and there are some areas that jobs will be available in.

Job Opportunities in Commercial Shipping in Detroit, MI

Detroit is extremely close to Ontario, Canada, and it makes up the Greater Detroit Foreign Trade Zone. This brings may trucking businesses to the Port of Detroit, and over 700 motor freight carriers use Detroit’s highway system products to transfer products between the United States and Canada.

Job Opportunities in Automotives in Detroit, MI

The automotive and manufacturing industries are still fairly strong in Detroit, and many of the main administrative and engineering jobs are located in the city. Ford, General Motors, Volkswagen, and Daimler/Chrysler all have headquarters in Detroit. Guardian, Delphi, and other auto parts stores are also major employers within the area. In addition, the area’s research and develop companies that are researching alternative fuels will be hiring for accounting, administrative, clerical, and computer science professionals.

Job Opportunities in Technology in Detroit, MI

Automation Alley refers to the Auburn Hills region of Detroit, because there are many robotics and high tech firms located there. Some of the largest companies include:

  • Next Energy
  • DTE Energy
  • Compuware
  • ABB Robotics
  • Comerica
  • Visteon Corporation

These organizations will offer positions in the following career fields:

  • Database administrators
  • Network administrators
  • Software engineers
  • Computer technicians
  • IT specialists
  • Administrative support personnel
  • Accountants

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