Job Opportunities in Houston, TX

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in Houston, Texas

The job market of Houston, Texas is expected to grow nearly 20% by 2012. Most of this growth will happen in the serviced related and professional industry, leading to a number of new job opportunities for residents.

Job Opportunities in Professional Occupations in Houston, TX

According to the Greater Houston Partnership, professional positions for teachers, doctors, and lawyers will be the fastest growing occupation through 2012. It is expected that this area will grow 28% by that time, resulting in a total of 689,500 positions.

Job Opportunities in Services in Houston, TX

Service related positions are thought to be the second fastest growing area in Houston’s job market. This includes workers like janitors, food servers, and housekeepers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that the median annual salary for food preparation and service employees was $16,000 in 2005, while cleaning and maintenance crews made just over $17,000. The total number of service related positions in Houston tops half of a million.

Job Opportunities with the slowest growth in Houston, TX

Production occupations are expected to have the slowest growth in Houston in the near future. These positions include machine operators and assembly line workers. The projected growth by 2012 for these jobs was only 6%. Farming jobs are also expected to have slower than average growth, and this area was only expected to grow by 7% through 2012.

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