Job Opportunities in Indiana (IN)

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in Indiana

Indiana is thought to have the fifth highest labor force in America, and there are some career fields that are expected to boom within the next few years. This makes Indiana a great place for career-minded individuals to look for a new job.

Job Opportunities in Health Care in Indiana

According to America’s Career InfoNet, the occupation of medical assistants is expected to have the greatest growth through 2012. It is expected that the amount of available jobs will increase by 56%, totaling 12,330 jobs statewide. Physician’s assistants will also be in high demand, and the demand for individuals to fill these positions is supposed to increase by 51% through 2012. The state will also need registered nurses, and it is thought that there will be over 2,300 open RN positions through 2012.Other health care fields that should see increases in demand include dental assistants and medical records technicians.

Job Opportunities in Hospitality in Indiana

Through 2012 it is expected that cashiers will have the most job openings in Indiana. It is expected that there will be over 4,000 job openings in this field, and retail sales people will have 3,800 job openings. Wait staff and food servers are expected to have the third highest number of job openings with 3,040.Cashiers will have the most job openings in Indiana in the period ending in 2012. About 4,320 job openings are expected for this occupation. Retail sales in the job with the second most predicted job openings, with 3,840, and wait staff is third with 3,070.

Other Popular Job Opportunities in Indiana

Other jobs in Indiana that will have a large number of job openings and that are expected to show growth include:

  • IT specialists
  • Social services assistants
  • Hand laborer
  • Truck driver
  • Office clerk

Declining Job Opportunities in Indiana

The following occupations are expected to lose positions by the year 2012 in Indiana:

  • Typists
  • Radio mechanics
  • Telephone operators

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