Job Opportunities in Long Beach, CA

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in Long Beach, California

There are over 4 million people in the workforce in the Long Beach, CA area. The unemployment rate was under 4% in 2006, and there has been significant growth in multiple employment areas. The most job openings now are found in the educational, health care, security, and food service industries.

Job Opportunities in Education in Long Beach, CA

Education is one of the fastest growing sectors in Long Beach. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that there are over 51,000 elementary school teachers in Long Beach, and they make a median annual salary of $51,000. Education and health services are the fastest growing sectors in the Long Beach, California area. There are also over 52,000 assistant teachers employed in the area, and they make a median annual salary of $26,000. T

Job Opportunities in Health Care in Long Beach, CA

There is a huge demand for registered nurses in Long Beach. Currently here are over 65,000 nurses in the area, and the median annual income for someone in this position in Long Beach is $67,000.

Job Opportunities in Security in Long Beach, CA

Long Beach also employs a large number of security guards. Over 50,000 people have jobs in this type of area, and their median annual income is just under $22,500.

Job Opportunities in Food Service in Long Beach, CA

Food preparation workers, such as cooks and chefs, are also in demand in the area, as are servers and wait staff. Currently there are over 35,000 people employed in food preparation, and there are over 61,000 people working as wait staff. These positions will earn an employed about $18,000 a year in Long Beach.

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