Job Opportunities in Maryland (MD)

Find Career and Employment Opportunities in Maryland

There are a number of different areas in Maryland that are expected to grow in terms of employment in the near future. The top areas include health care, social services, education, and technology.

Job Opportunities in Education in Maryland

It is expected that preschool teachers and administrators will increase in employment demand in Maryland in the near future, and the number of positions is expected to increase by 4,500, or 56%, by 2012. Child care program administrators will also be needed, and it is expected that the increase will be by 52% through 2012.

Job Opportunities in Social Services in Maryland

According to Career InfoNet, the job that will have the highest percentage increase in employment in the next ten years will be social services assistants and human services assistants. These employees assist clients with finding available benefits and applying for those services. It is expected that within the next ten years, the demand for these employees will increase by around 60%.

Other Job Opportunities in Maryland

Other occupations that are expected to have a significant employment increase in Maryland include:

  • Models
  • Rehabilitations counselors
  • Network systems and data communications analysts
  • Fitness trainers and aerobics instructors
  • Computer software engineers
  • Landscape architects

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